If you are missing teeth or facing multiple extractions, you may have started to explore your options for tooth restoration. Dentures are a natural-looking and affordable way to replace your lost teeth and can be an excellent option for many patients in Redlands, CA. In the following article, Dr. Vines of Pure Gold Dental explains everything you […]

If you live in the area of Redlands, CA and are interested in working with a dentist who can restore your smile after tooth loss, consider Dr. Terry Vines. At Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, Dr. Terry Vines can recommend a variety of restorative solutions, including the use of complete dentures to replace your missing teeth. WHAT […]

Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry in Redlands, CA sees many patients who are seeking restorative dentistry. When teeth are missing or extracted, solutions such as dentures are often considered. There are several types of dentures, including full and partial, and a dentist can walk patients through the benefits of each. What […]

Dentures are a safe and time-tested removable dental appliance used in place of missing teeth. These prosthetic teeth are removable and attached to an auxiliary structure, unlike dental bridges and implants that are permanently fixed or integrated. People who use dentures can remove them whenever they want, such as while sleeping at night or during cleaning. To ensure […]

When patients in Redlands, CA are told by their dentist that they may want to consider dentures for their smiles, they often wonder if this is the best option. Are dentures affordable? Do dentures look like real teeth? How often will they have to be replaced? These are all questions patients can ask Dr. Terry […]

If you are missing teeth, we may suggest complete dentures as a method of restoration. Today’s dentures have come a long way from those in the past. They look extremely natural and can help you gain back the self-confidence that often diminishes after tooth loss. The case for dentures Many patients wonder why they need […]

If you are in the Redlands area, and are currently missing some teeth, dentures may be the right solution for you. Our team at Pure Gold Dental has put together this step-by-step guide to walk you through the dentures process. Initial Consultation During your first appointment, you will receive a complete dental examination. Dr. Vines […]