Gingivitis and advanced gum disease afflict more than 80 percent of the population worldwide, more commonly in wealthier countries such as the United States due to our diets and lifestyles. A condition that starts as slight bleeding after brushing and flossing, or lingering bad breath, can, if left untreated, progress to devastating inflammation and deterioration […]

Today, upwards of 50 percent of the population has some form of gum disease. This is not because of a lack of care, but may stem instead from a lack of awareness and understanding. Our motto is that it’s best to avoid complicated conditions rather than to deal with their results. Approaching periodontal disease with the most appropriate form of […]

Gum disease is a serious issue that affects millions of Americans each year. Many cases of gum disease go undiagnosed and untreated because patients don’t understand the severity of progressed gum disease, nor do they know the symptoms to look for. Patients who have gum disease will typically see a few symptoms arise in the […]

If you have dealt with issues such as chronic bad breath or bleeding while brushing, you may be experiencing early symptoms of gum disease. While many people dismiss these symptoms, believing they are normal, they actually indicate there is a problem in the mouth. The good news is that with early intervention and treatment for […]

It happens to many of us. We wake up in the morning, brush our teeth with our eyes half open and then we notice it. A little bit of blood on the toothbrush. We rinse the toothbrush and try again, but it’s still there. It may be so common that we don’t really think anything […]

Often when dental patients think about improving the appearance or health of their mouth, they focus on their teeth. There’s no shortage of whitening products on the market and cosmetic treatments such as adult orthodontics and professional teeth whitening products are gaining popularity all the time. However, teeth are not the only variable in the […]

Optimal gum health is a crucial part of having a healthy smile for a lifetime. When we see patients at our Redlands, CA office for an appointment, their teeth are cleaned by experienced and licensed dental hygienists. In addition to cleaning their teeth, we discuss ways to keep the gums healthy and prevent gum disease. […]

What do you see when you open your mouth? You see your teeth, gums, a tongue, and the inside of your cheek. However, there’s a lot more to your mouth that what you can identify. Your mouth is home to bacteria, mucus, plaque, and other microscopic organisms. Proper and frequent brushing and flossing help minimize […]

Gum disease can be very serious and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and extraction in adults. When caught in its earliest stage, called gingivitis, gum disease can be reversed. If left untreated, gum disease can quickly progress into periodontitis, which can cause decay, gums to separate from the teeth, and eventually […]

Establishing and maintaining a good oral health care routine at home is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing helps remove plaque from the mouth and can prevent disease and decay. At Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, Dr. Vines and his team […]