Many dental patients assume that the permanent teeth that replace their baby teeth are just that, permanent. In fact, there are many reasons a tooth could be lost or extracted throughout a lifetime. For example, an injury or trauma to the mouth could knock out a tooth or decay could lead to the tooth needing […]

Patients often hear about crown and bridges as an option for replacing missing teeth. However, they may not completely understand how they work. Dr. Terry Vines is a respected dentist in the Redlands, CA, area who helps his patients make informed decisions about their dental care. Here, Dr. Vines explains crowns and bridges and how […]

There are many circumstances that can lead to the loss of a permanent teeth, including trauma, injury, decay, and/or disease. Unlike the loss of teeth as a child, losing an adult tooth does not come with a visit from the tooth fairy and another tooth waiting to erupt. Once permanent teeth are lost, a patient […]

Missing teeth can affect your ability to eat, speak clearly, and can damage the appearance of your smile. People who are missing teeth often feel self-conscious and may even avoid smiling altogether. There is good news if you are looking for a treatment to restore your missing teeth and bring back beauty to your smile, […]

If you’ve have a tooth extracted or lost a tooth in an accident or due to trauma, you know how much it can change your smile and affect your self-confidence. The missing tooth may change how you speak, which foods you can eat, and how you smile. However, patients don’t have to hide their smiles […]