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Smiling is a way of life. However, many people feel shy in opening their lips and smiling without inhibitions. The cause is yellowing teeth. If you are among the countless who are simply tired of yellow teeth, then maybe in-office teeth whitening solutions are for you.

Everybody dreams of showing a pearly white smile, but very few have it. You do not have to hide your teeth while showing off your smile anymore. With in-office teeth whitening in Redlands CA, you can get the professional care and attention your teeth deserve.

A clean, fresh, and pearly white smile is the key to making you look more attractive and approachable. By going in for professional dental care you ensure proper care for your teeth. You do not have to worry about any damage to your teeth and enamel.


The process is simple yet effective. A peroxide-based gel is applied to your teeth which penetrates the yellowing surface and actively removes stains. It does not harm your natural tooth enamel in any way.

For tough cases your dental professional might use the advanced Zoom in-office teeth whitening process. Depending on your schedule and treatment; at-home teeth whitening kits can also be recommended.

There are 3 steps to in-office teeth whitening:

Step 1

Before starting anything, your dentist or hygienist will first clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. This is to ensure that there are no leftover food particles, tartar, or bacteria to hinder the whitening process.

Step 2

Now, a protective gel is applied to your gums and lips to safeguard the soft tissues from being irritated. Next, an even coating of tooth whitening agent is applied to your teeth. The application would be in a uniform coating so that the result comes out appearing natural.

Step 3

This is where the actual teeth whitening takes place. The longer the whitening gel stays on your teeth, brighter your smile will be. The time duration of leaving on the gel is per your clinician’s discretion and your aesthetic expectations. Usually it is anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. In some cases, we might also use light exposure for quicker results.

The entire process from preparation to the actual whitening takes about an hour.


It is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of a whitening treatment on the color of the smile. Needless to say, the result will be as per your expectations. The final effects of in-office teeth whitening are unique to an individual as per tooth enamel and color. Other factors affecting whitening result are:

  • Eating preferences
  • Smoking/non-smoking
  • Other lifestyle habits
  • Degree and location of stains on teeth

The type of treatment selected, and number of visits has a significant impact on every outcome. Zoom teeth whitening treatments are more advanced than the average dental whitening systems.

If you are getting your treatment done by a professional, then you can be rest assured that the results of an in-office whitening treatment will be to your satisfaction.

The usual reaction of people after receiving an in-office teeth whitening treatment is elation followed by a long-term sense of satisfaction. The positive enhancement that this treatment can have on your smile can also impact your overall personality in a desirable manner. You can feel more confident at work as well as in your personal life.


Once you have a whitening treatment done, chances of you being satisfied with yellowing teeth are zero. Hence, you need to make sure that you keep visiting your dentist for touch ups and continued procedures. No treatment to remove yellow stains from teeth is permanent, because lifestyle and eating habits continue to affect the enamel color.

To ensure a smooth, effective and long-lasting whitening experience, make sure that you choose your dentist carefully. Visit Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry for teeth whitening in Redlands CA.

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