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Cosmetic dentistry procedures can make your smile more beautiful and at the same time help to improve your oral health. The key lies in selecting the right dentist for cosmetic dental care in Redlands, CA. Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry provides cutting edge cosmetic dentistry solutions in the area.


Cosmetic dentistry provides a wide array of choices, ensuring there is an easy answer to most aesthetic dental problems. It is worth discussing that a smile is not about perfection. The aesthetics of your smile are not about attaining perfection, but there is a more personal, psychological side to it.

When you smile, it helps you feel better, and provides an instant boost to self-esteem. It can even make an impression in your professional or personal life. Smiling can be a means of improving relationships. Still, due to unsightly teeth, many people remain highly conscious about their smile, never realizing that there are solutions for such issues in the niche of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry offers various options to close gaps in teeth by using high-quality veneers and bonding agents. Not just the smile, but gapping between or around a tooth can lead to another problem. Food particles are often stuck in these difficult-to-access areas.

This can cause irritation or a toothache, and it spoils the smile too. Using dental bonding or porcelain veneers, expert dentists can cover the small gaps. Bonding works to cover chips too, whereas veneers find use when larger gaps need to be shaped.


  • Beautifies misshapen teeth
  • Can cover gaps and stains
  • Makes your smile more cheerful
  • Boosts overall oral health
  • Can accommodate people of all age groups
  • Makes teeth less likely to suffer more dental damage
  • Is relatively less invasive than conventional surgical procedures


The Best Cosmetic Dental Care Near Me In Redlands, CA

Staining can compromise the most finely shaped teeth. Discolored teeth are a common problem. Some people have poor dental hygiene while others smoke or eat colored foods that stain the teeth. Invariably, it becomes difficult to smile naturally or enjoy a hearty laugh with discolored teeth.

Teeth whitening helps to remove such discoloration. It does not cause pain or discomfort. It can be combined with a treatment for teeth chipping or gapping to ensure you have a brighter, more attractive smile.


Crooked teeth can spoil your smile. Not only children but many adults assume that teeth alignment is difficult and painful. Clear braces are a progressive and hassle-free way to straighten teeth.

Clear braces are easy to adapt to and come without any significant maintenance issues. Most importantly, they are inconspicuous – most people would not notice you are wearing them. You get the assurance of navigating social situations with more confidence with an uninhibited, natural smile!


Better Overall Wellness

Learn More About Cosmetic Dental Care Near Me In Redlands, CA

When you have a more beautiful smile, you start exuding the right type of vibes. You may interact more and socialize without any inhibitions. This can prompt you to relook your entire day’s schedule. There is a natural urge, from within, towards better wellness.

You don’t want to lose your improved smile and you tend to brush, floss and rinse more regularly. You realize that a graceful smile looks good with a fitter you. This is when you become more prone towards better drinking, eating, and exercising choices. More self-awareness about your health lays the foundation towards a better way of living.

Lowers General Oral Health Risks

Damaged teeth are more likely to suffer gradual decay. This might be difficult to spot initially and could lead to other issues like foul breath or stubborn infections. If not treated immediately, there is a real risk of developing periodontal disease.

Alleviates Headaches and Helps Restore Appetite

Misaligned teeth can create pressure along the jaw. Particles lodged between the gaps in the teeth and gums can cause swelling or discomfort. It may cause headaches in some cases. If you have crooked teeth, you are constantly pressurizing the nerves which can make the headaches regular, almost chronic. Cosmetic dentistry can solve these issues by improving teeth alignment.

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