What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Is it their eyes, the color of their shirt, or their smile? Many people say the first thing they notice is someone’s smile. If other people are noticing your smile first, is it as bright and as happy as it could be? Many patients in […]

Almost everyone would like to have a whiter smile. Years of drinking coffee, dark colas, red wine, eating dark chocolate or red pasta sauce can leave your smile less white than it used to be. Some patients visit their local drug store and hope the claims on the packaging that promise to bleach and lighten […]

Do you feel like your smile has lost some of its luster? Chances are if you are interested in whitening your teeth, you have already noticed that the drug store shelves are filled with products claiming to put the sparkle back in your smile. From toothpastes to strips and dental trays, there seems to be […]

Every time we encounter a new person, our instinct is to flash a warm smile. When that smile is marred by stained, discolored teeth, we may want to do the opposite and hide them. Having teeth that are noticeably discolored can impair confidence and impact social and professional communications. With such a wide range of […]

Have your friends or family told you that you should smile more often? Do people automatically think you are unhappy or unfriendly when they first meet you? If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, people may get the impression that you aren’t happy, when in reality, you are just embarrassed by the […]

Removing discoloration and whitening the smile is the easiest way a patient can completely rejuvenate the appearance of the face. By having a beautiful, white smile, patients immediately look and feel better. The best part about teeth whitening is that it’s easy. In just a single procedure, you can leave our office with a sparkling […]

When you smile at your reflection in the mirror, do you like what you see, or do you find yourself mentally tweaking your smile, wishing it were whiter, brighter, or straighter? Often, trauma to the mouth, years of a coffee habit, or even the aging process alone can change the look of your teeth. When […]

A child’s smile sparkles with the brightness of teeth that haven’t become stained or discolored due to years of certain habits or environmental factors. As we grow up, many adults notice that their once sparkling and white smile has become yellowed or dingy. This can be caused by drinking dark beverages such as coffee, tea, […]

If you often enjoy a glass of red wine, a slice of dark chocolate cake, or pasta in red sauce it’s likely that your teeth are showing some discoloration. While there are many over-the-counter products promising dramatic teeth whitening, those products often leave patients disappointed with the results. Additionally, they can be hard to use, […]

Day after day we find that one of the most asked about cosmetic services in our practice is teeth whitening. By eliminating unsightly tooth discoloration patients can take years off their appearance. Before choosing in house power bleaching at our Redlands, CA office, it is important to understand how teeth become discolored. Foods, beverages, medical […]