What do you see when you open your mouth? You see your teeth, gums, a tongue, and the inside of your cheek. However, there’s a lot more to your mouth that what you can identify. Your mouth is home to bacteria, mucus, plaque, and other microscopic organisms. Proper and frequent brushing and flossing help minimize […]

Gum disease can be very serious and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and extraction in adults. When caught in its earliest stage, called gingivitis, gum disease can be reversed. If left untreated, gum disease can quickly progress into periodontitis, which can cause decay, gums to separate from the teeth, and eventually […]

Establishing and maintaining a good oral health care routine at home is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing helps remove plaque from the mouth and can prevent disease and decay. At Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, Dr. Vines and his team […]

When you look at your mouth in a mirror you can see your teeth, your gums, and your tongue, but there are also tiny bacteria that is not visible to the eye. The bacterial plaque that can sit on the teeth and gums can eventually lead to tooth decay and gum disease if not properly […]

At some point in their life, nearly 75 percent of adult Americans will have some form of gum disease. The condition, which can affect just one tooth or many teeth, becomes an increased concern as we age. In its earliest form, gingivitis, the disease does not always present with clear symptoms. Swollen or bleeding gums […]

Periodontal disease, an inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth, is caused by a buildup of bacteria. This condition affects many Americans and it can be linked to other health problems including those that affect the heart. Maintaining periodontal health is important for patients to maintain overall wellness. In the following article, we discuss […]