There comes a point when some people will face the loss or necessity to extract all teeth. This could be due to decay, loss of bone tissue, or even physical trauma. Regardless of exact cause, lost teeth must be replaced to maintain oral health and a youthful appearance. Dentures have been used for decades to […]

Dentures are a valuable restoration for many patients because they can provide proper functionality as well as appearance after tooth loss. At our Redlands office, convenient to those in the Redlands area, we see many patients who are thrilled to have their confidence back after dealing with missing teeth. Wearing dentures is a big change […]

Losing a tooth, or teeth, whether due to trauma or tooth decay, can be upsetting. Your self-confidence is often tied to your smile and when there’s a gap in your smile, your self-esteem can be affected. However, rest assured that the gap in your smile can be temporary. Many options are available to replace a […]