Your smile can be your greatest asset. However, if your teeth are discolored, chipped, crooked, or have gaps, you may be hesitant to show off your smile. This doesn’t have to be the case. Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry knows that residents of Highland, CA, care about the appearance of their […]

O ne of the most important features anyone has is his or her smile. When we interact, we pay closest attention to the features that form a triangular pattern from the outer part of the eyes to the chin. Because the mouth is the facial feature that does the most communicating, it garners the most […]

U pon meeting someone, the first feature noticed is the smile. This facial feature is largely responsible for making a good (or poor) first impression. With the importance of aesthetics in both social and professional situations, enhancing the smile makes perfect sense. When you desire an improvement in the appearance of your teeth, you want […]

Behavioral experts, researchers, and psychologists all agree that we are very quick to form first impressions. In mere seconds of meeting, we are making assumptions about others before words have even been spoken. Our smiles do a lot of talking for us as we interact with other people. To that end, the smile is an […]

At Pure Gold Dental, we combine modern dental technology with years of experience to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care. We believe that the health, beauty, and functionality of our patients’ smiles are of the utmost importance. We also believe that restorations can be beautiful and can improve oral health as well […]

Advancements in dental technology over the past few decades have made cosmetic dentistry accessible to patients everywhere. One of the most commonly requested procedures is porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are adhered to teeth to change their appearance. The veneer process can be lengthy, requiring several appointments to complete. While this may […]

When your smile doesn’t shine quite the way it used to or when you’ve suffered trauma to the face and mouth, you may find yourself looking for a cosmetic dentist. Before you pick up the phone to make an appointment, it’s important to understand what a cosmetic dentist does and how to select the right […]

Are the smiles in your family as beautiful as you’d like them to be? or has trauma to your mouth, years of drinking dark beverages, or even just the aging process changed the appearance of your teeth. Does your teen have misaligned teeth? Do your parents need to have decayed teeth extracted and replaced with […]

When your teeth are not in their best condition, it can cause you to feel embarrassed and stressed. Problems that affect the appearance of your teeth do not have to negatively impact your self-image. There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures available from the team at Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry in Redlands, CA, […]

Redlands area patients unhappy with the look of their smiles may be dealing with unattractive imperfections that are taking away from an otherwise beautiful look. Dr. Terry Vines is a dentist who wants to provide dental treatments that not only enhance the health of the smile, but also the cosmetics. WHAT IS COSMETIC DENTISTRY? Cosmetic […]