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For long lasting teeth whitening, seek professional treatment in Redlands

The smile is one of the most important assets we have when making first impressions. Whether it is in a social setting or one that is strictly professional, people notice facial features before anything else - specifically the eyes and the smile. The impact of a bright, healthy smile has been studied, and results show that individuals with white teeth are looked upon more favorably, seen as friendlier, and even more motivated.

Millions of people would like to improve on what they have through smile enhancing techniques. Teeth that are dull or stained impact how one feels about him or herself, as well as how others view them. Rather than dealing with the issue of an imperfect smile by hiding teeth behind a hand when speaking or smiling, there is the option to seek long lasting teeth whitening treatment, such as what we offer in our Redlands practice.

Due to the emergence of commercial whitening products, this avenue is the one that most people start with. However, many quickly find that these methods do not lead to long lasting results. Professional teeth whitening, like the at-home or in-office treatments in our Redlands office, are the only way to achieve this goal. A closer look at the anatomy of stains may shed light on this fact.

The outermost layer of teeth is enamel, a porous material that provides a nice sheen and serves as a protective barrier to deeper layers of teeth, such as the dentin and pulp. Because enamel is porous, thousands of tiny particles travel through teeth daily. These elements do not pass completely through teeth, however. They find places to settle in deeper layers of enamel. This is why stains do not appear right away after one drinks a cup of tea, coffee, or red wine. In fact, stains take years to develop to the point where they cause teeth to look dull and discolored.

Many factors come into play in the appearance of teeth. Foods and beverages are just the beginning. With the chemicals found in cigarettes, smoking will also produce stains on the teeth, as will certain prescription medications. Growing older changes the makeup of teeth and causes discoloration over time. In short, there is no way to avoid stain-causing agents forever.

While our patients are regularly bombarded with substances that may stain teeth, there is hope for a beautifully healthy smile with long lasting teeth whitening techniques used in our Redlands practice. To enhance your smile with professional care, contact us for your teeth whitening consultation.

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