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Learning about root canals in Redlands, CA

The words "root canal" strike fear in many dental patients. Often painful, these infections begin as small cavities on the outside of the tooth and progress inside the jaw bone to the tooth’s nerve. Often patients in Redlands, CA, come to the dentist with a swollen jaw and in a great deal of pain.

The first step to getting relief for the patient is to control the infection. Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry begins his treatment by administering antibiotics. Then, Dr. Vines and his team of dental professionals open the top of the tooth to clear the infection out of the tooth canal all the way to the root. Hence the term, “root canal.” The dentist must be sure to remove all of the infected areas which eliminate bacteria that could otherwise continue to grow and cause further discomfort in the future.

Once the infection is completely clear, the tooth must be filled and sealed. The root canal process cuts off blood supply to the tooth, leaving it brittle and fragile. Filling the tooth and sealing it with a crown ensure that the tooth remains intact and protected. The root canal process also leaves the tooth with no feeling as the nerve has been removed.

The time a root canal takes depends largely on the position of the tooth. Front teeth have a single root canal and take less time to clear the infection out than molars, or back teeth, which have three or four canals.

Tooth decay is typically the reason that the root canal is needed. Dr. Vines helps his patients avoid the need for a root canal through proper education about tooth and gum care and maintaining a regular schedule of dental checkups. These visits helps the patient and the dentist identify any trouble spots before they grow and become bigger issues.

Root canals can sound scary but they don’t have to be. Dr. Vines is well-educated in root canal treatment and can perform this, and other, procedures with the right amount of anesthesia, leaving the patient relaxed and free from pain. If you have mouth pain caused by trauma, an abscess or a cavity that went unnoticed, contact Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry today to get relief.

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