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Highland area dentist discusses how root canal treatment can restore healthy teeth

Many patients feel anxious when they find out they will need root canal treatment. The truth is that there are many benefits to having a root canal from your dentist in the Highland area. Root canals can help restore teeth and save them from extraction. The procedure also helps alleviate the powerful pain that can accompany a deeply infected tooth. Similar to receiving a filling, root canal therapy is done with the help of local anesthetic and is a comfortable, gentle procedure. At Pure Gold Dental, we make sure that the experience is stress-free and simple.

While many patients think root canals are inherently painful, they are quick to find out that one of the biggest benefits of the procedure is the way it relieves pain.

The root canal is deep within the center of the tooth and houses the blood supply, pulp, and nerves. When pulp becomes infected, whether from injury or decay, the area becomes inflamed and often causes intense pain. As the tooth continues to deteriorate, it becomes more sensitive and painful. At this point, the infection must be treated or the tooth is at risk for extraction. Root canals can eliminate the need to have a tooth pulled and have further restorations such as a dental bridge or implant.

During root canal therapy, the damaged pulp and infection is removed from the tooth. This removal process eliminates the pain and protects the remaining part of the tooth structure. The area is then cleaned and sealed to prevent further damage from bacteria or infection. Since this process can leave the tooth weak or brittle, a crown is then placed on top to preserve stability and strength.

In most cases, patients can avoid the need for root canal therapy by practicing good oral hygiene at home. It is important to brush twice a day and floss to keep bacteria off the teeth and reduce the risk of cavities and infection. Maintaining your dental visits can also allow areas of decay to be caught early, when they are easily treated with a simple filling.

If you have a tooth that you fear may be infected or if you simply want find out more tips on keeping your teeth healthy, call Pure Gold Dental today.

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