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When a patient discovers that he or she is in need of specialized restorative care in the form of root canal therapy, he or she may experience a fair amount of anxiety. Root canal therapy has, in years past, gained somewhat of a negative image. In reality, this restorative procedure is aimed at eliminating the intense pain a patient is experiencing. It is only through misinformation that the procedure itself has earned a bad rap.

Before undergoing root canal therapy in Redlands, our patients may gain confidence in the procedure by learning more about it. Perhaps most important to know is that a root canal is performed under local anesthesia, which means that the patient will receive medication that will numb the entire area to be treated. Following a root canal procedure, the underlying cause of pain will have been removed, so the patient will feel immediately more comfortable than before treatment.

The need for root canal therapy in Redlands may come from an injury to a tooth, but is most commonly due to tooth decay. When a cavity progresses significantly, the pulp of the tooth, which is situated very near to the root and nerve, becomes infected. Because the root and nerve are so close to the infection, extreme signals of pain will be transmitted, remedied only through the removal of infected pulp.

Root canal therapy is a procedure designed to carefully and precisely remove infected pulp. This is achieved by first removing decay that is present on the tooth itself. A tiny hole is then created at the center of the tooth, opening the root canal and exposing the infected tissue. Dr. Vines or Dr. Kwong will then use precise tools sized to fit into the root canal to carefully remove all tissue affected by infection. The root and nerve are also removed during this procedure.

Upon the removal of affected tissues, the canal is subsequently cleaned and sealant is applied. This keeps the area safe from further infection. To complete the procedure, an impression is made for the fabrication of a permanent crown, and a temporary crown is put into place. In two weeks, the patient returns, free from pain, for the placement of his or her permanent crown.

In dentistry, the goal is to always approach restorative care as conservatively as possible. When necessary, however, more aggressive forms of treatment may be necessary. To experience your best oral health, contact us for preventative and restorative care.

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