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Dentist in the Redlands explains root canal procedures

Endodontic therapy, or root canal therapy, is commonly suggested for patients who are experiencing extensive decay and infection in a tooth. When a tooth has a large area of decay that isn’t treated, the tooth becomes at risk for required extraction. Rather than remove a tooth, Dr. Vines offers patients the option of saving the tooth, eliminating infection, and relieving pain through a root canal procedure.

At Pure Gold Dental, we believe that extraction should be a last resort when it comes to issues with tooth decay and infection. During root canal procedures, the diseased dental pulp is completely removed from the tooth, but the remaining structure of the tooth is preserved. Once the pulp is removed, the area is thoroughly cleaned out, sanitized, and then sealed. Teeth are then covered with a crown to protect it and provide strength.

Root canal procedures are done in-office and completed relatively fast. Patients will be given local anesthetic to ensure complete comfort and relaxation during the procedure. Once the area is thoroughly numbed, the dentist will make a tiny hole in the tooth in order to access the pulp. After removal, a rubber-like material is used to fill in the area and it is sealed with composite resin. Teeth that have undergone a root canal are often weaker than other teeth, which is why a dental crown can help prevent breakage.

There’s no doubt that the term root canal often has a stigma associated with it. Patients worry that the procedure is painful, when the opposite is true. A tooth with severe decay and infection can often cause a great deal of pain for the patient. By removing the diseased pulp from the tooth, the pain is eliminated.

If you live in the Redlands area and suffer from frequent tooth or gum pain, visible cavities, extreme tooth sensitivity, swollen lymph nodes near the affected tooth, or foul taste in your mouth, you should call and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. If the area develops an abscess, you may experience severe pain that could require emergency treatment.

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