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Dentist in Redlands CA weighs in on natural root canal alternatives


Root Canal therapy from expert Dentist in Redlands Ca
There is no doubt about it; root canal therapy has an undeserved bad reputation. Many people assume it is painful and that it’s a procedure that should be avoided at all costs. In fact, many patients inquire about natural root canal alternatives. The truth is, root canal treatment is a safe and common procedure that is done specifically to remove infection and save the natural tooth. Root canals bring pain relief to patients and help restore their smiles. Patients with severe infections who opt out of root canal therapy will often end up needing tooth extraction.

What is a root canal?

When a tooth becomes deeply infected or damaged, because of trauma or deep decay, the tooth will need treatment to prevent extraction. Root canal therapy removes the infected dental pulp, which includes the blood supply and the nerves that are causing the patient pain. Once the infected pulp has been completely removed and the area cleaned of infection, the tooth can then be filled and sealed. Because root canal treatment can leave affected teeth brittle, patients may need to have a dental crown placed over the tooth.

Why is root canal therapy recommended?

Root canal treatment is done to save the tooth from extraction and help preserve the natural structure of the mouth. Tooth extraction can be much costlier than root canal treatment, as the patient will then require restoration work. At Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, we do everything we can to help our patients retain their natural teeth and eliminate the need for costly restorations.
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What are natural root canal alternatives?

Some argue that extraction and replacing with either a bridge or implant is a natural alternative to a root canal, however the American Association of Endodontists recommends saving the natural tooth whenever possible.

How to avoid root canal therapy

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While trauma and injury are often unavoidable, there are ways to prevent the need for root canal treatment. Practicing good oral hygiene such as brushing twice a day and flossing once a day can keep teeth healthy and less susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up which can lead to decay and gingivitis. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining regular dental cleanings will also help protect your teeth from root canals.

Dr. Vines and his team are committed to family dentistry that is safe and effective. We help our patients with their oral health by providing a wide array of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. We always suggest the least invasive options available to preserve natural teeth and keep your smile healthy. When it comes to root canals, our patients are happy to find out that the procedure is relatively painless (similar to a traditional filling) and eliminates the pain of infection.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about root canal treatments or any of our other procedures. If you are in the Redlands, CA area and are looking for quality dental care from a team you can trust, call Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry today to schedule your initial consultation.

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