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Highland patients turn to a dentist for root canal treatment

Root canal therapy can sound overwhelming or even scary for some patients. Many people have such a negative connotation of a root canal that the word alone can make them cringe. However, it's important to note the procedure is not what causes discomfort or pain, the infection in the tooth is what can bring patients throbbing and intense pain. In fact, the root canal actually brings relief to the patient and allows them to live their lives without worrying about a toothache. Once patients understand the steps of a root canal they are typically much less anxious about making the appointment and undergoing treatment.

Root canals are performed when the inside portion of the tooth becomes infected or diseased. The tooth can become decayed if a cavity goes untreated or if the tooth is fractured during a fall, biting into a hard object, or some other event. When the decay grows and reaches the dental pulp, located deep inside the natural tooth, next to the tooth's nerves, it triggers great pain for most patients. This is typically when patients turn to Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry for treatment and comfort for the pain.

The doctor will begin the procedure by ensuring that his patients are comfortable through local anesthesia and/or sedation. Once the patient is relaxed and unable to feel the infected tooth, he will drill a hole to access the center of the tooth. He will then extract the infected dental pulp, completely clean out the inside of the tooth and disinfect it. The tooth will then be sealed to ensure that no further decay occurs. Once the procedure is complete, the patient will not be able to feel the tooth or have hot or cold sensations from the tooth because the nerve has been removed. However, the tooth will remain and still function properly for chewing, speaking, and aesthetic purposes. To that end, this treatment is often preferred over treatments that include extraction and replacement such as dentures, implants, or bridges.

Dr. Terry Vines, and the entire team at Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, are committed to making sure that their patients have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. He reminds his patients in Highlands and the nearby area that they do not have to live with tooth pain. The right treatment can bring them comfort and get them back to enjoying their activities without pain.

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