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The benefit of root canals in Redlands

Any experienced dentist knows his or her patients dread the mere thought of undergoing root canal therapy. In our practice, we do all that we can to help our patients reach a state of oral health in which they may be able to avoid such a procedure. However, teeth can become damaged through trauma as well as decay, and this procedure may be necessary at some point. We do not jump straight into recommending dental root canals in Redlands, as there are really only certain situations where this type of treatment is necessary.

Essentially, every tooth has a root canal, an opening where the root of the tooth sits, along with dental pulp and nerve tissue. In some instances, the pulp surrounding the root becomes infected. Should this occur, root canal therapy is the only way to eliminate the intense pain that comes from infection. Unfortunately, patients may feel frightened of dental root canals in Redlands because they are already in so much pain. It is important to understand that the actual root canal procedure is not a painful experience, but instead relieves the pain of the infected tooth.

The biggest benefit of undergoing a root canal treatment is that the affected tooth can be saved. The patients who are exceptionally anxious about the pain they are in and the root canal procedure itself are prone to think that extraction is the best answer. The only time this may be true is if the excised tooth is replaced with a dental implant. Since most patients think only of removing the tooth and leaving an empty space in the mouth, root canal therapy is left as the best option.

Our teeth are important for functional chewing, and creating spaces in between teeth by removing an infected tooth can harm the overall balance of bacteria, allowing harmful bacteria to flourish. Furthermore, when a gap is created, surrounding teeth will shift as a result, thus impacting the smile.

Root canal therapy is performed under local anesthetic. Recovery is very minimal, similar to that of a filling or a dental crown. With the ease of this procedure acknowledged, keeping your natural tooth structure is your best bet for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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