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The best treatment for root canals in our Redlands office averts painful infection

Most people quiver at the mere mention of the term "root canal.” Over the many decades that this necessary dental procedure has been performed, it has become known more for pain than for its real benefit, which is the relief and prevention of pain. We cannot be more firm in our expression that the reality of root canal treatment is far different from the horror stories told by some people.

Much of the time, root canal therapy comes after pain has developed. This pain may get progressively worse or, at best, persist, if treatment is not obtained. We perform root canals in our Redlands office as quickly as possible following the diagnosis of infection in dental pulp. Most of the time, this takes place when we consult with a patient regarding pain stemming from a direct trauma or an untreated cavity. In such instances, it is quite possible that pain can be severe.

Sometimes a patient visits us for a routine examination, and damage to the root canal is detected. It is in these instances where it may be somewhat challenging to understand the need for treatment in the absence of pain. When viewing x-ray images, Dr. Vines is careful to show patients where a problem lies so that it is understood why treatment is recommended. When infection is detected in an x-ray, we consider the patient lucky to have avoided the intense pain that they would eventually experience.

Receiving root canal treatment in our Redlands office does not have to bring about anxiety. We are careful to provide care in the most comfortable environment and process possible, using the right amount of local anesthetic to ensure you feel no discomfort during this procedure. The only sensation you should feel during root canal therapy is the minimal pressure from your dentist's hand, similar to receiving a dental filling.

There is no rule in dentistry that states you must experience the pain and inconvenience of pulp infection. Maintaining dental check-ups at their recommended intervals allows us to catch problems and provide the most conservative treatment early, before severe complications occur.

You deserve to enjoy excellent oral health. Contact us to schedule your next dental check-up.

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