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Redlands, CA area patients use veneers for treatment of dental imperfections


Dental Venners Treatment in Readlands CA Dr. Terry Vines, Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry
Redlands, CA patients seeking dental treatment for broken, misaligned, or permanently stained anterior teeth often call their local cosmetic dentist to find out if there is a treatment available to address their concerns. Porcelain veneers are ideal for individuals interested in rejuvenating their smiles.

What are veneers?

Veneers, sometimes called porcelain facings or dental veneers, are thin restorations that a dental laboratory custom-makes for patients. The facings are bonded onto the front surfaces of the teeth to enhance their appearance. They are natural-looking, durable, and can last many years with proper hygiene and regular dental visits.

Why choose veneers?

Veneers are an alternative to treatment options such as composite resin bonding. They are, however, the better choice for many of our patients. While costlier, they hold their value as they are in place longer than dental bonding. Dental bonding is not stain resistant and often must be replaced every few years, while a veneer can last a decade or longer. Additionally, porcelain veneers provide better coverage and several can be placed for a dramatic smile makeover.

How much are veneers?

Veneers are costlier than dental bonding, but they are a great investment for many of our patients seeking strong, beautiful, long-lasting solutions. Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry often suggests them whenever possible. However, veneers are not reversible and this must be considered when choosing to move forward with veneers or composite resin bonding. A consultation appointment is the best time to discuss this.

Ready for a discussion on veneers?

Contact Dr. Terry Vines and his team of dedicated professionals by calling (909) 435-4558 or visiting the conveniently located practice in Redlands, CA at 303 Brookside Avenue. Open the discussion with your dentist about cosmetic procedures such as veneers to decide what is appropriate for your smile!

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