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Pediatric dentistry in Redlands CA: Oral health guidance for your kids


r pediatric dentistry in Redlands CA, make sure to choose a good dentist such as Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry.

Oral care for children remains a constant challenge. Parents find it difficult to maintain regular dental routines that could help to prevent tooth decay in kids. With the following tips, you can ensure better dental health for your children of all ages. At the same time, for pediatric dentistry in Redlands CA, make sure to choose a good dentist such as Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry.

Focus on a Healthy Diet

Consuming less sugary beverages, eating more fruits and vegetables, and overall good eating habits bring about wholesome changes in the body and mind. This includes oral health too. When your kids prefer to snack on healthier options like roasted nuts over ice-creams or syrup-drenched waffles, it helps to mitigate the risk factors related to their dental health.

A healthy diet boosts overall immunity levels to help fight dental infections too. Children are highly susceptible to making the wrong dietary choices. Choosing chips, candies and cookies over milk, whole-grain biscuits and green vegetables could make your children more likely to develop oral health problems.

Children can be fussy about trying anything new no matter how healthy it might be. This aversion to first-time foods can be a challenge. This is why you need to expose children to the widest array of healthier eating options, when eating at home, school, or outside, as early as possible.

Teach the Habit of Regular Brushing & Flossing

Parents should be vigilant about ensuring children brush their teeth before going to bed. Yes, this age-old habit still makes sense and plays a vital role in fighting cavities. However, many parents find it hard when it comes to teaching kids to maintain their daily oral hygiene. There are some ways in which parents can ensure better participation and more discipline among the children about these basic dental care habits.

  • Change the flavor of toothpastes often
  • Try to play around with different types of toothbrushes
  • Try to brush with the children, perhaps with a song playing in the background
  • Try to share small stories, easing children into what should become an everyday norm
  • Try to put across the idea that incentives, including toys, games or TV hours would be linked to their regularity of daily brushing and flossing

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Help Children Get Comfortable about Dentist Visits

pediatric dentistry in Redlands CA

The following tips can put children at ease about visiting the dentist:

  • Start them young. Even if someone else has a visit to the dentist, try to take the child along to allow for more familiarity with the environment. Ideally, by their first birthday, children should start recognizing the dentist’s office or the dentist in some way.
  • Rewarding your children for visiting the dentist could make the entire process easier.
  • Some dentists are great with handling children. Once they have a chance to communicate with the kids, in most cases the child will instantly feel more comfortable.

Other Tips to Manage Your Child’s Dental Health

Sugar control

Ensure that all the sugary stuff, from candy to pies, is reserved for post-mealtime. This ensures that sweet cravings don’t take a toll on the teeth as there is more saliva produced during this time. Furthermore, kids should ideally brush their teeth after each meal.

Dairy products

Dairy products can act as a natural buffer to fight acids produced by oral bacteria. This decreases the chances of tooth decay. This is why serving children milk every time they consume sweet treats may be a good idea. Consuming more water helps to dilute the effect of acids and dislodge particles that get stuck in the teeth.

Creative substitutes and entertainment

Dairy products can act as a natural buffer to fight acids produced by oral bacteria.

As a parent, you might also need to discover more creative and thoughtful ways to keep children away from the typical things that cause dental problems. Finding an equally delicious substitute for ice creams can be difficult but you can try slightly sweetened fruit smoothies mixed with fresh cream.

A habit like sucking on hard candy needs stricter control. If flossing seems difficult for your kid, try flossing sessions with enjoyable conversations about popular cartoon characters or the kid’s favorite comic superheroes.

Good oral health habits formed early will go a long way in protecting a child’s dental health in adulthood.

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