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Enhancing pediatric dental care in Redlands with at-home practice

Kids' health is something that parents take very seriously. Part of enabling your child to enjoy a happy, healthy life is to ensure that he or she has everything necessary to make this a reality. In offering regular pediatric dental care in Redlands, we do our part to facilitate healthy smiles in our young patients. Since your child only visits his or her dentist a few times a year, this leaves much their oral health in the hands of Mom and Dad.

Children are busy creatures who have very little time to stop and think about the benefits of brushing and flossing their teeth. To encourage your child to establish good oral habits, you will need to be creative and find ways of turning this "chore" into a fun activity. Kids are all about fun, and this goes for every aspect of their lives. When they learn to have fun taking care of their teeth, they have discovered some of the best pediatric dental care in Redlands right at home.

The issue is how to make kids want to brush their teeth. Parents can use several approaches, as children bore easily. Because oral care is highly important, maintaining a commitment to motivate your child comes with long-lasting rewards. Try one or more of the following tips to help your child learn great oral hygiene practices.

Let the Games Begin!

Kids love games, and will join in the fun when brushing and flossing becomes more like play. Some parents, when brushing their toddler's teeth, find the "monster,” or some other fun character that needs to be removed, through brushing every last tooth. As the monster runs and hides all over the mouth, Mom or Dad must follow it where it goes. Giving your child a play-by-play as you hunt for the tooth-eating monster keeps them captivated as well as motivated.

Be a Role Model

Children want to be like their parents and they mimic what they do. Teaching your kids how to care for their teeth can become even easier once they learn to brush on their own. At this time, make brushing and flossing a family affair. Your children watch what you do, so turn on some music and brush your teeth for the full two minutes that are recommended, and they will keep up their brushing as long as you do. After brushing, be sure to floss both your own and your child's teeth to eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Working as a team with your dentist, your child will benefit from the maximum pediatric dental care in Redlands. Contact us to schedule your child's next dental examination.

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