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Best tips from our pediatric dentistry office in Redlands

Treating kids of all ages, we strive to help our young patients get the maximum benefit from their visits to our office. In treating children, the dental goal is to prevent the development of tooth decay, which is possible through regular at-home care and professional evaluation and cleanings twice each year. When in our office, children receive the assessment and treatment needed and we discuss the various ways oral hygiene can be performed at home, because more time is spent on at-home care than under our care. Helping your child enjoy the best oral health possible is one of the goals in our pediatric dentistry practice in Redlands. Here are a few tips to help you encourage your child on his or her path to optimal oral health.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

When your child is still at the age that he or she loves to mimic what mom or dad do, there is an opportunity to teach healthy habits. You can make the most of this time in your child's life by performing oral hygiene tasks together. Watching a parent care for his or her teeth is a great way for a child to understand the concept of oral hygiene and its impact on the mouth and body. The things a child is told might be remembered, but what he or she is shown can be put to practice far more easily. Let your child watch you brush and floss your teeth. During this daily routine talk to your child in age-appropriate language so that he or she also hears the reasons for brushing and flossing. You could make up a fun child's story so that your child can be more engaged in learning about the battle against harmful bacteria.

Play - it's all in a day's work

For the child, play is the first order of business in any situation. This is how little ones perceive the world. Making the most of the inherent characteristics of childhood, oral hygiene can become a fun game as your child grows. We follow suit in our office as well, creating a warm and welcoming environment that is friendly to our youngest patients.

At home, brushing should not be a chore that your child avoids. When a child does not view brushing and flossing as fun, the level of care to teeth will drop. Consequently, tooth decay is more likely to develop. A game can be made out of brushing teeth, with you or your child chasing the "tooth grubbies" away as they hide around and between the teeth.

Oral hygiene can be more fun for children in a number of ways. Contact us for more tips and schedule your family's next dental visit.

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