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Braces Can Promote Good Oral Health

A dentist may advise you to get orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. The treatment is used to adjust the alignment of crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth. Malocclusion (irregular contact of opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws) can be the result of heredity, trauma, or even childhood habits. Malocclusion (bad bite) can be corrected with orthodontic braces. Redlands practice, Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry, offer several types of braces to meet their patient's needs.

In addition to their obvious cosmetic dentistry benefits, straighter teeth can improve oral health because crowded or crooked teeth are difficult to clean thoroughly. Inefficient oral hygiene can, over time, result in periodontal disease (gum disease), cavities, and eventually, tooth loss. A bad bite can trigger other issues such as:

  • excessive wear to the opposing teeth, weakening them to the point they may need a dental crown for support
  • interference with the pronunciation of some sounds, making it difficult to speak clearly
  • difficulty chewing properly, which can interfere with nutrition and digestion
  • imbalanced pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJD), which can cause jaw pain, headaches, and aching around the face and ear, along with many other symptoms

Orthodontic braces are a wise investment; they can correct malocclusion before it can cause pain, embarrassment, and the expense of dental work in the future to repair avoidable damage.

Modern braces are much more comfortable, effective, and patient friendly than those in the past. The part that attaches to the teeth (bracket) is smaller, and may be made of clear or tooth-colored materials. The metal brackets are even available in decorative shapes and colors for a fashion statement if the patient wishes. The orthodontic rubber bands are available in a multitude of colors, and there are even retainers that glow in the dark.

Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry can provide silver braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. During the consultation with Dr. Hawkins, it is important for you to explain your goals and expectations, and ask any questions you may have. Dr. Hawkins will help you understand your specific needs and explain which option may be best for you.

For a beautiful smile and improved oral health, call (909) 435-4558 today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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