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Hearing the words "gum disease" in regards to your mouth can sound scary. You might wonder how, with daily brushing, you could have inflamed gums and you might be a little bit embarrassed. However, gum disease is quite common. In fact, up to 80 percent of dental patients are diagnosed with some form of gum disease each year.

Gum disease is diagnosed in several forms. The most common is gingivitis and it can usually be treated with a combination of in-office professional cleaning and taking extra care at home to ensure your mouth stays free from plaque and bacteria. However, if gingivitis goes untreated, bacteria and plaque can thrive and turn into periodontitis, which is more serious.

When a patient has periodontitis, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets that can become infected. Plaque then grows below the gum line. Once this occurs, the only way to treat periodontal disease is with the skills a dentist.

Dr. Terry Vines and the staff at Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry are experts at treating gum disease and have been working with patients in the Colton area for more than 25 years. They offer several treatment options; however, the exact course of treatment is designed specifically for your unique case. The following treatment options are offered and the treatment plan for any individual could include one or all of these procedures:

Deep cleaning: By removing tartar from above and below the gum line through a method of deep cleaning called scaling and root planing, Dr. Vines can find the areas where plaque and bacteria are growing and eliminate those problem spots. Medications: From mouthwashes to prescription antibiotics, sometimes to eliminate the infection caused by gum disease, the use of medication may be recommended, either alone or with other treatments. Surgery: If deep cleaning and medication do not eliminate the gum disease, surgery may be considered. Surgery options can include flap surgery and bone and tissue grafts. During flap surgery, the gums are lifted back to clean the tartar and then are sutured tightly back into place. Bone and tissue grafts are considered if the patient needs help re-growing lost bone and tissue. If you have painful, swollen, or bleeding gums or have any reason to think you might be dealing with gum disease, call Dr. Terry Vines today. The health of your mouth, along with your overall wellbeing, depends on treating gum disease quickly and effectively.

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