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What partial dentures in Highland can do for you

Any time a person is missing teeth there are risks to oral health. Whether one tooth or several, there are options for replacement to match any scenario and budget. When all teeth are missing, or need to be removed for optimal oral health, dentists recommend replacement with either traditional dentures or dental implants. Similarly, the same options may be viable solutions when only a few teeth are missing. Filling empty spaces with artificial teeth through the use of dentures eliminates the risk that the teeth surrounding an empty space will change positions, and also reduces the risk of enabling bacteria to thrive in the gap.

When dentures are used to replace only a single tooth or a few teeth, it is a partial denture appliance that is used. There are several different types of partial dentures from which to choose. In each, the general tooth structure and material are the same. The primary differences that can be seen amongst the various partial denture appliances are the materials and methods used in developing a proper support system.

In some cases, partial dentures in Highland may be fixed, and in others, it will be removable. A removable partial may include a plastic base that is colored to match the natural shade of the gums. This plastic base is connected to natural teeth through a metal framework. Fixed partial dentures would include the dental bridge, which includes two dental crowns that are fitted to the teeth adjacent to the empty space in the mouth. In between these two dental crowns lies an artificial tooth that will restore function and a beautiful smile.

Receiving partial dentures in Highland begins with a consultation during which Dr. Vines or Dr. Kwong will assess existing teeth and gum tissue. Based on the specifics of any given case, the most suitable form of partial dentures will be recommended and the fabrication process will begin. Completing partial dentures can take anywhere from two to six weeks.

Just as it is with full dentures, it may take some time to get used to a partial denture. During the first weeks of wearing this new appliance, the patient may try eating soft foods, adding loved foods as they feel more at home in new dentures. Any mild irritations that may occur with a new denture appliance should last only temporarily.

For the smile to remain healthy and most attractive, it is beneficial to replace any lost tooth. Contact us to determine your best form of restoration.

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