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Great oral hygiene protects all types of dental implants placed by your Redlands dentist

Undergoing the dental implant procedure is something that our patients do after they have considered the various options for tooth replacement. To receive a dental implant takes an investment of money and time. The results achieved through one of the various types of implants last a lifetime, increasing the cost effectiveness of the procedure when compared to other restorative care. Anytime an investment is made into the smile, patients want to maintain the results achieved through professional care. Dental implants are no different.

Fortunately, all of the materials used in the fabrication of dental implants are strong and durable. The implant post will not decay, nor will the artificial crown that is placed on top of the implant. This does not mean that oral hygiene is any less important though. The oral hygiene practices taught to us in childhood are just as critical to oral health after the dental implant procedure. Even with dental implants, brushing and flossing remain the top ways of maintaining a healthy mouth.

Thinking of dental implants as natural teeth may help when thinking of how to care for these prosthetic appliances, brushing and flossing twice a day, as is recommended by the American Dental Association. Natural teeth or not, two full minutes of brushing is necessary to remove the bacteria that can harm oral health. Tiny and numbering in the millions, bacteria are very adept at finding the ideal place to hide. Brushing and flossing find these bacteria and stop them from producing the toxic waste that weakens the connective tissues that support implants.

It is easy to link brushing and flossing with optimal oral health. These tasks, performed together daily, help the dental implant patient protect the gums and the jawbone from the effects of bacteria, and thus protect his or her investment into a lifelong, beautiful smile.

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants is ideal. Contact us to learn more about the dental implant procedure, or to schedule your consultation.

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