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Gaining confidence through surgical dental implants from our Redlands specialist

For much of our current history, the most appropriate methods available for replacing missing teeth were the dental bridge and dentures. Dentures, in particular, have been restorative devices that were known to cause a bit of discomfort and even result in embarrassing situations should the appliance slip or fall out due to poor grip. While the technology and technique behind the denture appliance have improved a great deal over the years, there is another tooth replacement option that is giving denture wearers a reason to smile.

Surgical dental implants, which can be obtained in our Redlands practice, emerged as an innovative treatment option several years ago. The only permanent solution to tooth replacement currently available, a dental implant consists of a small post made of high-grade titanium. This post is set into the jawbone in a precise surgical procedure during which the patient is comfortably anesthetized. Due to the process the implant goes through once inserted, the result is a strong support for the artificial tooth or teeth that will replace those that are missing.

When comparing surgical dental implants to traditional dentures, our Redlands patients immediately see exactly where the benefit lies. Although the entire evolution may take several months to achieve, giving the jawbone ample time to complete the healing process around the implant, there is no other way to restore function completely after a tooth is lost.

Because the implant is inserted into the jawbone, and becomes a natural part of the jaw over time, this bone is actually stimulated to remain intact. With traditional dentures, the bone of the jaw cannot be adequately stimulated and begins to resorb. However, not an immediately noticed benefit of surgical dental implants treatment in our Redlands practice, the maintained health of the jawbone is very important.

What most denture patients notice immediately is the degree of confidence they feel when fitted with individual implants, or even with an implant-supported denture. Gone is the worry over discomfort should dentures rub against the gums. Concern over laughing freely or eating certain types of food is also alleviated. Instead, the dental implant patient can feel total comfort in every situation.

Dental implants are comprised of materials that will resist corrosion through years of use. However, it is important that implant patients maintain excellent oral hygiene habits at home, and follow up regularly with their dentist, to promote optimal gum health.

Your smile and confidence can be restored with dental implants. To learn more about this procedure, contact us for your consultation.

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