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Tips for choosing between the various types of restorative dental crowns and bridges used in our Redlands practice

If a tooth were significantly damaged, through trauma or decay, a typical form of treatment would be a dental crown. This restorative procedure once consisted only of metal restorations; however, various types of materials are used to fabricate dental crowns today. Used in procedures like root canal therapy and dental bridges, a crown restores function and form to a damaged tooth. To feel most confident about the treatment you receive in our Redlands office, we have assembled details on the various materials used to craft dental crowns today.

Metal is still a widely used material for the fabrication of dental crowns, with gold standing up against all competition. Gold, although thought to impact appearance of the smile, is quite discreet when situated in a molar restoration. One of the biggest benefits of gold crowns is that the material is biocompatible, which means that it will not cause irritation to tissues in the mouth. Gold also provides for an excellent fit, unlike any other material used today. With the type of fit that comes from a gold crown, this restoration can last years longer than the standard metal crown.

Many people worry over the sight of metal in the smile, and choose to receive a metal crown with a porcelain overlay, called a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Featuring a more natural appearance, these crowns are crafted to match the color of surrounding teeth, but will lack the translucency of natural enamel due to the metal base. For crowns placed in the back of the mouth, this poses no great concern. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns also show a dark line where the crown meets the gums, which some people find unappealing.

As technology has advanced, we have gained more options for creating beautiful and functional smiles with zirconium crowns. This substance, which is essentially an incredibly strong ceramic material, looks more like natural enamel but contains the strength of metal crowns. Crowns crafted from zirconium allow light to pass through, but will endure the wear and tear of daily chewing activity with great durability.

Choosing the materials for a dental restoration, such as a crown, is an important task that should include consideration of not just initial cost, but also the overall cost-effectiveness. To determine which crown material is most suitable for you, discuss the various options with Dr. Vines.

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