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Using advanced technology in crowns and bridges benefits our Highland area patients

When restoring a tooth that has been damaged or lost, there are various factors to consider. Although it is important to establish a strong foundation for chewing and preserve the oral structure, there is also the matter of aesthetics. Because men and women discovered long ago the importance of a natural, vibrant smile, the demand for advanced technology increased. Patients in today's society get what they want. Our clients are able to receive dental crowns and bridges from metal (gold), porcelain fused to a metal-based crown, or metal free restorations, all customized in our Highland area practice.

One metal alternative that has been proven safe and highly effective is a zirconia crown or bridge. With a dental crown, a single tooth is restored to its most functional and attractive state. A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns fused to an artificial tooth. The crowns are attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap and the artificial tooth sits in the empty space.

Zirconium crowns and bridges are a healthy alternative to the standard metal-based appliance. Ideal for those who prefer metal-free restorative care, a zirconium crown also requires less modification of the affected tooth, allowing more of the natural structure to remain intact. This makes zirconium crowns a more conservative approach to restoring a damaged tooth.

The absence of metal in a zirconium crown or bridge makes it a biocompatible option the body will readily accept. This metal-free restoration is also highly aesthetic, as translucent as natural enamel, and it is tooth-colored from tip to base. When used on a front tooth, this material will blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.

A crown made of zirconium is incredibly strong, more durable than other non-metal alternatives. This type of crown will withstand the intense pressures of chewing and biting, resisting fractures or chips over many years of use.

The loss of a tooth or teeth does not have to create significant issues with the beauty or function of your teeth. The advanced technology used today facilitates conservative treatment and results that last decades.

To restore your smile to its healthiest state, contact Pure Gold Dental today.

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