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What is Dental Bonding for Gaps?


Dental Bonding for Gaps at Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry in Redlands Area
Gaps have a way of making you feel inferior. You go to give the camera a big smile when you remember the hole between your front teeth that leads to you ultimately giving the lens a subtle grin. Some, in their haste to hide their smiles, do not realize their ability to seek dental bonding to fix gaps.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that repairs chipped, cracked, and broken teeth so that your smile is complete. You cannot use dental bonding to replace a missing tooth. The procedure can, however, be instrumental in filling gaps caused by chipped or broken teeth.

How does dental bonding work?

The composite used to fill in the gap caused by damaged teeth bonds with your tooth to essentially revitalize your smile. Dental bonding is not equivalent to a crown in which the composite’s color is different and noticeably implemented to mend damaged teeth. A bond is the same color as your teeth and is discreetly applied, so outsiders do not necessarily know you have undergone cosmetic dental work.

Is dental bonding permanent?

Dental bonding is not a permanent procedure. The results from the process do, however, have a bit of longevity to them, with the average bonding procedure lasting anywhere from four to eight years. Some patients keep their bonds for more than 10 years, which further adds to the benefit of undergoing a cosmetic makeover.

The longevity of your procedure largely depends on how you care for your teeth after bonding treatment. Those who avoid hard candies and foods that are difficult to bite into may enjoy the effects of bonding longer than those who bite into hard candies and foods.

It would help if you also made it a habit to refrain from biting directly into foods as such tension could reduce the life of your bonding treatment. Following all recommendations for the care given by your dentist is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of bonding.
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Should you consider dental bonding?

You should consider dental bonding for gaps if you feel the need to smile without showing your teeth. Self-esteem is an important aspect of life that can impede job opportunities and the overall quality of life.

Dental bonding to fix gaps can improve your perception of yourself, so you can confidently engage in meaningful conversations.

Teeth bonding for gaps is also a good idea if you are gentle with your teeth. Those who have difficulty with basic oral hygiene may not get the most out of bonding treatment. Individuals who consistently brush their teeth as recommended by dentists and take notice of irregular aches are more likely to benefit from a cosmetic procedure such as teeth bonding.

Only a dentist can tell you with confidence if teeth bonding would be a good procedure given your lifestyle in Redlands. Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry of Redlands can help you get started with teeth bonding. Call Dr. Terry Vines today at (909) 435-4558 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

About Dr. Terry Vines

Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals Dentistry
Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry are committed to providing patients of all backgrounds with the best quality dental care with elevated professional standards. Dr. Terry Vines and his team of skilled dentists are specialized in cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. Dr. Vines gained his dental degree from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and he has been actively practicing dentistry since 1987. He holds membership in many prestigious dental associations including the American Dental Association and his patients value his compassionate nature and patient centric approach.

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