Dentures are a tried and true option to replace missing teeth and improve your smile. However, when you think of dentures do you imagine the false teeth your grandmother used to wear? The good news is that technology has improved dentures and now they are more comfortable to wear and look more like natural teeth […]

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Losing all of your teeth has a large impact on your overall well-being. There is never a time when living without teeth is healthy on any level, which is why dentures have long been used as a replacement option. Our teeth complete our facial structure, lending support to cheeks and lips. By restoring this structure […]

Any time a person is missing teeth there are risks to oral health. Whether one tooth or several, there are options for replacement to match any scenario and budget. When all teeth are missing, or need to be removed for optimal oral health, dentists recommend replacement with either traditional dentures or dental implants. Similarly, the […]

While the name would suggest otherwise, the “permanent” set of teeth that we all get during our elementary school years are not, in fact, permanent. Instead these teeth can be lost due to trauma, decay, disease, or simply the aging process. If you’ve lost a tooth, or are noticing that several teeth seem to be […]

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Tooth loss can have devastating effects on your self-image. To assist you in maintaining the highest level of confidence in your appearance, as well as your chewing and speaking capabilities, we may discuss tooth replacement using a partial denture. There are several advantages to partial denture treatment from Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry in Redlands, […]