Having a full set of teeth is not just about appearances. Your teeth play a vital role in biting and chewing, which is one of the most important steps in the digestion process. Additionally, teeth are necessary for proper speech and for preserving the natural structure of the jawbone. Without a full set of teeth, […]

Chipped or broken teeth can happen for many reasons. Falls, trauma to the mouth, chewing on ice, or attempting to open a bottle with your teeth can cause even the strongest of enamel to crack or break. When that happens, Dr. Terry Vines of Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry offers the following tips. First, call […]

Losing an adult tooth does not include the same excitement that it did in childhood. When you lose a baby tooth, there is another tooth ready to fill the gap. When you lose an adult tooth, you are left with a gaping hole. After the loss of a permanent tooth, it is important to seek […]